CredCrypto HYIP & Trading PHP Script

Lauch your investment, trading and HYIP website in minutes. No code knowledge required!


Creatively Crafted

Launching your HYIP website is quick and easy. Make all customizables from admin dashboard

Home screen

For HYIP Managers

  • Gateway and Manual Deposits
  • Fixed and ROI plans
  • Hourly, Daily, weekly, Monthly and Yearly return
  • Secured platform with OTPs
  • Bank, P2P and Crypto withdrawal supported
  • Loan system
  • Etc
Trading Dashboard

For Crypto Trading

  • Comprehensive Trading Interface
  • 500+ Currency Pairs
  • Coin staking
  • Bot Trader
  • P2P Transfers
  • One click whitelabel
  • SEO manager
  • Support Ticket system
  • Comprehensive Activity log
  • Etc

Addons & Themes

We have included several addons and themes to extend the core features of CredCrypto. All addons can be can be downloaded from the addon download centers.

We included over 15 free add-ons you can install.

bot trader

Crypto Trading, Coin Staking & Bot Trader

Launch your crypto trading website in minutes by installing the Crypto trading addon via the built in addon installer.

Allow users to lock coins on your predefined coins. You control how much a user can earn from a staking plan.

Uses can purchase bot activation keys from admin. After successful activation by a user, the bot will trade according to parameters set by the admin.

Crypto trading addon is sold separately.

Code Editor

Built-in Code Editor

  • Add custom code to your project from within admin dashboard.
  • You can add css, php and custom javascript code to your project without having to login into cpanel
bot trader

User management

  • Credit/Debit User
  • Verify User KYC
  • Verify User Email
  • Login as the User
  • Suspend/Reactivate User
  • Edit User Information
  • Change user logins
  • Manipulate user balances
  • Credit and Edit User wallets
  • Email User individaully/Bulk
  • View Referral and Activity log
  • Manage transaction history
Code Editor

User KYC System

  • Allow users to verify their identity
  • Admin can approve, reject or delete verification request
  • Verify using Passport, National ID and Drivers license
  • Admin can enable/disable kyc verification
bot trader

Crypto Loan

Users can borrow money if the meet the requirements set by admin. All borrowed funds are automatically deducted on due date.

  • Minimum deposit to qualify
  • Fixed and Percentage Loan plans
  • Fixed and Percentage Interest
  • Auto Deduct Payment on due date
  • P2P Transfers
Code Editor

P2P Transfer

  • Admin enable/disable p2p transfer.
  • Admin set transfer fee
  • Manually/Auto approve transfer
  • Otp protection for Transfers
bot trader

Support Ticket System

  • Handle enquiries and feedback through support ticket
  • Create, assign anad manage tickets
  • Customizable email notification for admins and user on ticket update and status change
Code Editor

Withdrawal Wallet

  • Crypto wallets supported.
  • Bank withdrawal supported
  • P2p System withdrawal supported
  • Email Notification to admins and user on withdrawal status change
  • Otp protected withdrawals
  • Manually process withdrawals
bot trader

OTP, ReCaptcha & Throttle

  • Bruteforce protection via bot detection
  • Bruteforce protection via request rate limiting
  • Secure Otp for User and Admin Login
  • Secure Otp for Withdrawals and P2p balance transfers
Code Editor

Email Notifications and Templates

  • 20+ Customizable email Templates
  • Magic tags for clean email
  • Email Notifications to admins and users for all site activities.
bot trader

Built In File Manager

  • Manage resources on your server without cpanel
  • Edit Codes on the fly with the built in code editor
  • Upload, Delete and move files
Code Editor

Livechat and WhatsApp chat

  • Easily integrate any livechat system fro admin
  • Easily integrate WhatsApp chat to your system.
  • Precomposed welcome message for WhatsApp chat
  • Allow users to type in their message on the website before being taken to your WhatsApp

Frequently Asked Questions

No, CredCrypto has been optimized to work on any hosting. We highly recommend cpanel based hosting.

Yes, we offer free installation when you purchase two or more add-ons.

Yes! If you wish to try a private demo, contact us via support[at] to get access to a private demo.

No. Each purchase is valid for one installation.

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